A REALTOR® is a member of the local, state and national real estate associations. Only members are allowed to use the "REALTOR®" designation and logo . REALTORS® are subject to a strict code of ethics and disciplinary measures, thereby affording their clients and customers an additional source of protection.


by Frank T. Santrucek

  1. A REALTOR® deals with buying and selling homes everyday. Over the years they have toured or shown many of the homes in your area. Thru the Multiple Listing Services of their Boards they have access to information that can help determine fair market value for your home. As an objective professional they can provide you with realistic advice on pricing and purchasing your home.

  2. Because REALTORS® talk to many different buyers thruout their careers, they can provide you with advice in ways to improve your homes "saleability".

  3. There are many different types of financing available today. The REALTOR® can offer buyers information on types of financing available as well as suggest various types of institutions, organizations, or even private individuals who can help obtain financing.

  4. New rules and regulations are continually going into effect that affect the buying and selling of property. Did you know that in Michigan a Sellers Disclosure Form and Lead Disclosure Form are required in all home sales - even private sales? Did you know that as of April 1, 1997 new requirements are in effect regarding the recording of documents? As of January 1, 2002 Shiawassee County requires that a well and septic tank inspection be obtained prior to the time of property transfer. Your REALTOR® knows these rules and makes sure his clients and customers have all the necessary paperwork completed and filled out correctly to assure a smooth closing on your property.

  5. The REALTOR®-Broker will be present at the closing to answer your questions and to make sure the closing goes smoothly and according to the buy/sell agreement.

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